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Our Company’s commitment
to quality has prevailed because
we believe you deserve nothing
but the best.

- Founder Chairman,
TPG Nambiar

Established in 1963 to manufacture Electrocardiograph machines and Panel Meters, BPL quickly grew to become the first truly world-class Indian consumer electronics brand.

In the 1990s BPL televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines revolutionized Indian homes through their high quality, elegant designs and superior technology. BPL products were on par with world-leading brands and came at a price that was within reach of the common man. No longer was world-class quality something that had to be imported and thus the preserve of the rich.

Over the years, we have earned the trust of millions of loyal BPL customers across India, who fondly recall their first BPL TV or refrigerator, which many still use even today.

BPL is proud to present this legacy of quality, elegance and affordability to you, the discerning quality conscious consumer of this generation.


Bettering lives with the marriage of creativity and technology.


Develop world-class products for Indian homes, healthcare providers and institutions that are founded on excellent research and an undying commitment to quality.

Signing a deal for acquisition

Mr. TPG Nambiar signing a deal for acquisition of British Physical Laboratories in 1961. The Company was later renamed BPL Limited.

BPL’s first manufacturing facility

A view of BPL’s first manufacturing facility at Palakkad, Kerala

BPL’s first product

A Hermetically sealed panel meter – BPL’s first product manufactured in 1961 and supplied for use by the Indian defence.


BPL Limited
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No.64, Church Street
Bangalore – 560 001
Karnataka. INDIA
Tel: +91-80-25580490

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