Thank you for purchasing a BPL product! Please do take a moment to understand the Warranty Information applicable to your BPL product(s).

Warranty Period: General Warranty Terms & Conditions
The warranty is valid only when the warranty card (duly filled, signed and stamped by the selling dealer), along with the original bill of purchase indicating the date of purchase and the dealer’s / seller’s name is presented to the Company’s authorized service centers.
For products sold online, signed warranty card is not mandatory, bill of purchase/invoice copy will hold good for claiming warranty.
Warranty start date will be from the date of sales invoice to final end customer.
Warranty takes care of any manufacturing defect or breakdown of the product during the warranty period.
Warranty will be limited to product repair and providing replacements of parts which are found defective (manufacturing defect).
Warranty is valid and applicable to the products which are licensed for sale and purchased in India only. Parallel imports (Grey market products) are excluded from this warranty. Second sale will also not be covered under BPL’s warranty.
Warranty and product service will be applicable only when the product is sold by BPL or any of its Authorized channel associates
Warranty is applicable only to the first buyer of the product.
Warranty does not cover any software changes of malfunction.
The Company shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, exemplary, consequential or economic damage or loss
The company shall not be responsible for any damage or modifications or loss of accessories with the product sent to the company for service.
Warranty Is Not Applicable In Any Of The Following Cases:
The warranty stands void if the serial number of the product is mutilated, defective or altered. The company will not accept any responsibility for damage arising out of unauthorized access to company products.
Modification or alteration, repair or use of any accessories other than those supplied with the equipment.
This warranty does not cover any form of failure(s) of products resulting from fire, water and surge voltage from a power source, or defects due to causes beyond its control such as lightning, floods, riots etc and acts of God.
The company will not accept damage or loss incurred during transit or mishandling or resulting due to negligence or using fake/ duplicate consumables, improper use contrary to the operating instructions specified in the user manual supplied along with the product.
Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of parts (which age over a period of time/usage) including but not limited to damage or defect to the finish or exterior of the product (such as paint peeling off, colour changes, scratches etc.).
Defects/damage caused by household pets, rats, cockroaches, lizards or any other animals/insects.
PCBs that have suffered water ingress and/ or corroded, broken or with missing parts.
Following parts are not covered under warranty- Broken front panel, bezel, and all other broken internal & external parts.
Accessories viz. Remote control, Power Cord, Video Cables, Batteries, Trays, Moulded plastic components, Legs, Water inlet/outlet pipe, Spin cover, stickers, all kind of plastic, glass and rubberised parts, hinges, pipes, trays, plastic and glass compartments and Wheels.